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Caregivers Apply to Give Care.  2+ years Required    –  Earn 20%  more through Love Right™  –  Average $14 – $17 / hour

Share Your Superpower & Gain the Rewards:

Carefully Screened Clients.

24 / 7  Support.

Make MORE, Save MORE!

You Negotiate Rates.

Go Where You Please.

Questions?  We have Your Answer.

Give our carefully screened clients a try.  The friendly team here at Love Right™ will assist you along the way.  Our job is to find you the client(s) of your dreams. We only need a few things, contact us on the form below.


  • review rating 5  The best place to work, warm caring there's always a smile, I have been bless too work with some great clients.

    thumb Linda Tabbs
  • review rating 5  The best thing about Love Right is the investment they make in both caregiver and care receiver. Jessica and Will. Mary Ann and Beth. They're always at the ready to answer question, give advise and encouragement. Registering with Love Right as been nothing but a great experience.

    thumb AJ Morace
  • review rating 5  Best referral home care agency in San Diego county and surrounding area. They are flexible and will provide caregivers that are qualified and experienced. They pay close attention to details and match thier clients with the best caregivers.

    thumb Amina Ali
  • review rating 5  Ive been a Caregiver/ CNA ? for 8 yrs and I've worked with different agencies, Love Right ? is the most reliable, professional and all around best ? company to work with. All of my client's say the same thing they are so pleased with the service they tell ? their friends and family about Love Rights great prices and services. ?

    thumb Carolina Rodriguez
  • review rating 5  The best home care company, great people running this company!!

    thumb Jason Barritt
  • review rating 5  Undeniably the best care in existence! Jessica and Will are like family in every way. They truly want what's best for me and my family.

    thumb Lauren Russell
  • review rating 4  I have been a caregiver for about 8 yrs. I have had only great expierences with the refferals I get from Love Right! All my clients have become like family to me. Im grateful that I can continue to make my clients happy! Thanks Love Right for the great clients!

    thumb Lena Contreras
  • review rating 5  Love right's motto should be "We Love You". Because LOVE is displayed day in and day out. Love Right referral agency is on their toes when it comes to placing, they carefully place according to the strengths of the caregiver and the needs of the clients. If you are looking for a referral agency that cares about your needs as well as the needs of your family, Love Right is for you!!!!

    thumb Melinda A Jackson
  • review rating 5  Highest quality caregivers! My son and daughter in-law run this business with passion and leadership. I've seen them treat their clients and caregivers with the same respect and grace that they do for their own family. I speak from experience. These are the people you should trust with your family. They have taken me in to live with them, they live the truth. I love you both!

    thumb Wilbur Hawk
  • review rating 5  This company is great. They hire really great care givers. We love the ones for my mom.

    thumb Elizabeth A Benson

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1 Step 1
Love Right Registration Application
Fill out every field and submit to be considered for an interview*
Personal Info
Check all that apply*
Experience Level 1
Experience Level 2
Experience Level 3

What Languages do you speak?

Education & Training
Check all that apply*
Education Type
Check all that apply*
Worked under a different name?
Work References

Please provide work history information (references)for 3 PROFESSIONAL positions you have held in the Elder Care / Hospital / Facility or Agency field ONLY.  (DO NOT list unrelated industry positions or jobs like 'Teller' or 'Cashier'). 


**helping your family members will not be considered as adequate experience

**must be professional paid experience


May we contact this employer?

**You will be asked to provide additional work references if we can't contact this employer

**Remember, to be considered for an interview you must have a minimum of 3 employment references, private care and IHSS are ok.


May we contact this employer?

**You will be asked to provide additional work references if we can't contact this employer

**Remember, to be considered for an interview you must have a minimum of 3 employment references, private care and IHSS are ok.


May we contact this employer?

**You will be asked to provide additional work references if we can't contact this employer

**Remember, to be considered for an interview you must have a minimum of 3 employment references, private care and IHSS are ok.

Do you currently have ads offering domestic services to the general public?If so, Awesome! Let us know which ones.
Personal References

Do not list family or previous supervisors

***Please do NOT duplicate names and numbers from your professional references listed above.

Availability & Travel

When and where you want to go

Available Days
Almost There, We Promise

Just a few more details

How would you rate yourself on experience with the following aspects of caregiving?

CompanionshipRate Yourself
Meal PreparationRate Yourself
Light HouskeepingRate Yourself
Bathing / ShoweringRate Yourself
Dressing / GroomingRate Yourself
TransferringRate Yourself
Incontinence CareRate Yourself
Dementia / Alzheimer'sRate Yourself
Do you have the supplies and equipment necessary to perform "Domestic Care" services?

*Registering as an independent domestic worker might not be what you're looking for.  Please visit our website at and check out the Registration info to find out if registering with Love Right is right for you.  Not ALL listed equiptment & supplies are necessary to be considered for registration. 

Check all that apply

I certify that all answers given by me are true, accurate and complete.

I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application, providing a urine sample for a drug test and for a background check to be completed.  I understand that misrepresentation or omission of facts in this application may be cause for invalidating my contract referral agreement with Love Right Home Care, a Referral Agency.  

I hereby release any and all prior employers or current employers from liability or claims arising out of the provision of information about my employment with such employer.  I hereby waive any cause of action I might otherwise have against such employer arising out of provision of information concerning my employment.  

You must accept the above statement before proceeding to submit the registration application.  If you have questions concerning drug tests, background check and further requirements please visit our website.  You will be able to read many of the frequently asked questions that Independent Domestic Caregiver prospects ask.  Or feel free to call our office at 619-819-8780 and we can explain it to you.  Cheers!

  Read our Terms & Privacy Policy.


- Love Right Home Care Referral Agency
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