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About Love Right

LOVE and Compassion for you and your family


About Us

Providing Exceptional Senior Care Choices Since 2012

Love Right is an affordable, full-service, domestic referral agency specializing in the creation of on-going personalized relationships between talented homecare professionals and senior citizens in need. With nearly two decades of caregiving experience, founders Will and Jessica Hawk are dedicated to streamlining non-medical in-home care services by providing a platform where seniors (and independent professional caregivers) choose who, where, when and how they receive the care they need, with the least amount of financial burden.

Our Founders Story
Meet Our Team

Caregiver Services

Building Relationships the Love Right Way

Love Right Builds Relationships. Whether you need care on an hourly, daily, or full-time basis, Love Right can help with compassionate, personalized in-home care. We pride ourselves in matching independent professional caregivers with people in need, and building on-going resources that serve as a foundation for an individual’s well-being.

From temporary assistance for rehabilitation efforts or illness, to long-term care and Hospice, Love Right has the solution that will meet your need and your budget.

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Caregiver Specialties

Providing the Right Specialized Care

Helping seniors, disabled and chronically ill patients maintain independence in their own environment is a proven method of optimizing a person’s wellbeing. Caregivers registered with Love Right provide an array of home care specialties including personalized skilled-care to address advanced stages of cancer, dementia, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating or non-ambulatory conditions.

Love Right verifies each referred Independent Caregiver has previous training and experienced in providing care for most age-related diseases.  All services can be adjusted to form-fit anyone’s specific health needs.  Based on skill, experience, geographic location and many other details, Love Right’s matching algorithm narrows 100’s of candidates down to just a few.

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Caregiver Standards

Freedom of Choice: The Right Person for the Job

At Love Right, we understand the difficulty of bringing a stranger into your home, even if that person is a qualified professional caregiver. That’s why our professional caregivers are thoroughly vetted through extensive background checks, interviews, drug screenings, verifiable references and research. More than 60 percent of our professionals come from medical schools, and hospitals.

All of our professionals have at least two years of verifiable experience in the field of elderly care, and/or one year experience as a licensed CAN or HHA. Love Right maintains a database of qualified professional caregivers and utilizes a proprietary algorithm to match skillsets and mindsets to specific patients.

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Team Love Right

Meet Our Fantastic Team of Home Care Heroes

Our Founders

Will & Jessica Hawk

Both owners and co-founders, Will and Jessica Hawk, have 18 years combined professional caregiving experience. Before they took on careers as caregivers, they both found their passion caring for their own families.

Our Own Care Story

Love Right began as a life-mission for founders Will and Jessica Hawk, who both learned early on the importance of caring for loved ones.

When Will Hawk was 10, his recently divorced father was diagnosed with cancer, diabetes and a failing heart. He and his siblings had little choice other than to do the best they could to help their dad through a most difficult time.

“It was whirlwind of worst case scenarios,” recalls Will. “I had to learn from a very early age what it was like to be a caregiver.”

Those difficulties ultimately led him down the path to a career in compassionate caregiving.

“I cared for my dad first, and then my grandmother, and eventually became the primary family caregiver. By the time I graduated from high school, I had the skills and experience to become a professional caregiver.”

When Jessica Hawk was 14, her beloved grandmother was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a grapefruit. Following the removal of the tumor, her grandmother was left incapacitated and had to re-learn how to walk, talk, eat, dress and all the other daily activities of living.

Jessica continued to care for her grandmother through high school, and that experience helped shape her career.

“Seeing how much my grandmother depended on her nurses and how much she appreciated them, made me want to become a nurse and I would eventually become a licensed vocational nurse (LVN).”

In the years following his high school graduation, Will would attend art school, work restaurant and construction jobs, start three successful businesses and all the while continuing to care for his family at home. While working at a restaurant job he met Jessica and in sharing their stories, they found they had mutual interests in caring.

“We were just friends at the time, but we shared a common bond of looking after our loved ones,” recalls Jessica. “I was going to nursing school, and helping care for my grandmother, and I was also helping to care for a good friend who was born with cystic fibrosis. Will was caring for a family friend at the time as well, and so we shared a common bond.”

Like Jessica, it was the experience of providing care for his family, and feeling the personal rewards of that service, that led Will to reshape his priorities. Eventually, he divested his business interests and went to work as professional caregiver.

Will and Jessica lost touch with each other for about five years, before reconnecting and meeting again turned out to be symbiotic.

“When we talked, we discovered that he had become a homecare provider, and I had been working as a nurse for the past four years,” says Jessica. “He was talking about starting a new business, and we decided to get together for dinner to discuss the possibility of me joining him in his new venture.”

During their initial discussions, they talked about the need for a faster, more flexible, and more economic delivery system for in-home caregiving services on a larger scale.

Together, in 2012, they founded Love Right, a dedicated domestic referral agency that allows seniors to live in their homes safely, and to control their own healthcare needs and services accordingly.

“We’ve created a 21st Century business model for in-home care that is based on our own experience,” explains Will. “We link professional, compassionate, caregivers to those in need with a minimum of overhead and bureaucracy. It is a plan that worked well for us, and our families and friends, and it continues to work well for our clients today.”

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Your trust is very important to our success.

Have a look into the thoughts of real people that have the joy of finding Caregiver Matches through Love Right.

Read what people are saying to help you decide if it’s right for you and your family.

“Undeniably the best care in existence! Jessica and Will are like family in every way. They truly want what’s best for me and my family.”
Lauren Russell

“Best referral home care agency in San Diego county and surrounding area. They are flexible and will provide caregivers that are qualified and experienced. They pay close attention to details and match thier clients with the best caregivers.”

Amina Ali

“Entering this phase of our lives – caring for an aging relative – has not been easy. However, Jessica and Will are making it much easier and very quickly.”

Sally F, San Diego, CA

“Caring for our father from a distance after our mother died was an exceedingly difficult task. We were all relieved when he decided to call Love Right to assist him with making his meals..”

Tracy S., Arroyo Grande, CA

Our Google Reviews

“Love right is the best referral agency. I feel confident when I tell people looking for a caregiver agency that they are great. The staff is so attentive, nice and great when it comes to communication.”

Leslye Rodriguez

“Love Right is by far the best company to work with as a Caregiver, the staff is so knowledgeable and professional”

Caro R

We Love Freedom

Referral Agency - Freedom

Referral Agency

Love Right loyally serves the San Diego Community as a Domestic Referral Agency.  This gives clients and their family the freedoms they deserve while keeping the ever-rising cost of HomeCare down.  This is one of the most unique facts about us.  Learn more >>>

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Love Right takes pride in staying compliant with the laws of doing business as a Domestic Referral Agency.  We have a long and good standing membership with the CCDRA  (California Coalition of Domestic Referral Agencies).   They have been instrumental in our success Learn more >>>

Savings - Referral Agency

Low Cost

The cost of personal care in the home is rising yearly and seniors are beginning to feel the stretch.  Domestic Referral Agencies, like Love Right, provide an affordable choice for in-home care for seniors.  Clients and Domestic Caregivers negotiate the cost of care.   Learn more >>>

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