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About Giving Care

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Caregivers Apply to Give Care.  2+ years Required

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Love Right is a San Diego Based Domestic Referral Agency.

We’re always accepting registration applications from independent professional caregivers.  If you’re looking for a Senior Care Job, fill out the online registration application to be considered for an in-person interview with our team.

We are constantly trying to find experienced, honest, caring  professionals.  If you, your friends, colleagues or family know someone that fits the description of a “Great Caregiver,” connect them with Love Right.

Caregiver Registration Requirements:

caregiver san diego - apply

Clean Background Check

Yearly TB Screening

Drug Screenings

CPR / First Aid

Clean DMV History

Vehicle Ins. & Registration

Min. 3 Positive Elder Care Work References

2 yrs. Min. Professional Caregiver Verifiable Experience

3 Personal References

Legally Work in U.S.A.

1 Hour In-Person Interview

Skills Questionnaire

Character Analysis Featured

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The Benefits of Being an Independent Domestic Caregiver

Independent Domestic Caregiver – You’re in Control

  • Set your own pay / job rate(s)
  • You set your own schedule
  • You control when, where and how you will work
  • You always have the right to accept or decline any referrals offered to you
  • Never go farther than you want

Independent Domestic Caregiver Facts

  • When you choose how, when and where you want to work, you will always be happier
  • A happier you mean a happier client.  It just makes sense.
  • A referral agency can offer emergency back-up referrals to your clients in case you have an emergency.
  • All Clients are screened before any independent domestic caregiver is referred to them.
  • There are no task restrictions

Questions & Answers

Your client(s) pay you.

Most often they will take advantage of paying a Trust Account, managed by the referral agency, and Love Right will issue you a check on your client’s behalf.

When your job is complete.

You submit an invoice and your client has paid and verified. This can be anytime Monday thru Friday (not Holidays), but check with the our office to make sure someone is available to issue a settlement payment.  Call 619-819-8780 to reach our office and on-call Love Right™ Team Member.

Great!  That means you understand what’s best for YOU.

We will keep sending you referrals until you tell us to stop.

You get what you’re worth.

You personally negotiate your fees with your client(s). Keep in mind they may be interviewing with multiple caregivers.  Clients may offer us budget information, Love Right™ will communicate all known stipulations to help you make your decision.

Tomorrow, in a week or maybe in 2 months.

Like you, clients have specific criteria, so it may take some time to find your perfect match.  Professional caregivers always have more than one source for work, so don’t only rely on Love Right™.  Referrals are never a guarantee.  The best we can do is try.

When you register with Love Right™, you do so with the understanding that you are NOT an employee of Love Right Home Care Referral Agency.  We strictly register  independent professional domestic caregivers with whom we issue a 1099-misc each January.  Although when you work directly with clients you may or may not be determined an independent contractor or an employee of that client.  For additional information contact your local Employment Development Department or the IRS.

In no way is Love Right giving tax advice

Love Right does not claim to be tax professionals.  Love Right is not licensed to give tax advice.  Please consult with tax professional(s) to stay updated on tax laws and information.

When You Register with Love Right

Caregivers that register with Love Right do so with the understanding that they are in no way an employee of Love Right.  Love Right Home Care is a Domestic Referral Agency.  Our Domestic Referral Agency offers non-medical in-home care referrals to independent professional caregivers.

W-9 & 1099-misc

To fulfill registration with Love Right all applicants must fill out a w-9 form.  Love Right has this form available in our office, via email or post.  When caregivers agree, or accept referrals from Love Right they do so with the understanding they will be issued a 1099-misc every year.  1099-misc are issued at the end of January annually.  Love Right also keeps a version of all 1099-misc on file if a copy is ever needed.

I’ve been a caregiver for the last 3 1/2yrs. I love my job and the people I get to meet. Thats the best part of Love Right, they help match caregivers with the right client’s. I love that I get to help people stay in their homes with comfort and ease.

Ashley Twells, San Diego, CA

As a caregiver I have worked with various agencies.  Love Right stands head and shoulders above the ones I have encountered.  From their application process, friendliness, and caring attitude toward caregivers and clients alike, they really listen and do whatever it takes to not only satisfy, but also ensure we are all having a super experience as they match people who need help with people who give that help.

Diana Daunert, San Diego, CA

Having found Love Right Home Care has truly been blessing to me and my family. I have worked for various agencies in the last 10 years and by far none compare to Love Right Home Care.

Their approach to quality care and commitment to customer service is outstanding. Not only are they compassionate and caring towards their clients, but also towards their caregiver and staff. I am very thankful for everything they have done for me and I would recommend them to anyone!!

Kasey C., Chula Vista, CA

I have been in the Healthcare field for 17+ years. I have never thought the opportunity to be self employed would come to pass. Then, I met Jessica and Will the owners of Love Right Home Care Referral Agency.  The opportunity blessed me in so many ways. I am allowed to love on the client’s that I am referred to… in the way of having the freedom to take care of their emotional, mental, physical and spiritual aspect of their lives.    I have the time to sit and read to them, decorate the home for the holidays. Will and Jessica equally cares and demonstrates love toward everyone they encounter. I call this agency SAN DIEGO’S HIDDEN JEWEL!!

Jeanette S., San Diego, CA

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