A Program that pays you to send us Great Caregivers

CAREGiver Refer - Earn and Win

It’s Easy to Get Started

  • Must be a currently registered Independent Domestic Worker (IDW)
  • Send your Friend, Co-worker, Neighbor or family member to the online APP.
  • People you refer must fully register and work with a referred client for a minimum of 30 days
  • Start Earning! (*eligibility requirements apply)

Caregiver Referral Program - Earn Up to $360

Caregiver Referral Program Details

Caregiver Referral Program Flyer

Terms and Conditions

1. General:
a.) These terms and conditions apply to Love Right™ Caregiver Referral Program (“Program”). By referring a friend, co-worker, family member, or otherwise participating in the Program, the referring Independent Domestic Worker (“IDW”) agrees to be bound by the following terms and conditions to collect the Advertised Promotional Gift (“Promo”). You agree to a mandatory arbitration provision that provides that (except for matters properly brought to small claims court) any claim, controversy, or dispute of any kind between you and Love Right Home Care Referral Agency must be resolved by final and binding arbitration on an individual and not a class-wide or consolidated basis.
2. Program Participation Eligibility: a.) Must be an active IDW currently and fully registered with Love Right Home Care Referral Agency with all Credentials in good standing to participate and receive any Promo. Those credentials can be found at www.loverightcare.com/apply. Eligible participant must refer caregivers that fit all platform requirements listed at www.loverightcare.com/apply. i.) Love Right Home Care Referral Agency reserves the right to revoke program eligibility to any individual at any time and for any reason. ii.) If an IDW become ineligible to receive referrals on the Love Right™ Platform, they will also become ineligible for Program participation. b.) Eligible Participants must satisfy the following conditions to collect the Advertised Promo: i.) Referred applicant must list referring IDW (“You”) on their Love Right™ application and arrive to their first scheduled interview with a Love Right™ Recruiter. ii.) Applicant must supply all credentials and complete the registration process to become an active IDW eligible for referrals on the Love Right™ Platform. iii.) Referred IDW must work with a referred private client, offered by the Love Right™ Platform, for a minimum of Thirty (30) days. (3.) Raffle eligibility: a.) As an added Promotion Love Right™ will enter all eligible Program participants into a raffle once their referred IDW works with a referred private client(s), offered by the Love Right™ Platform, for a minimum of Thirty (30) days.
b.) Raffle prizes will be chosen at the company’s discretion.
c.) Raffle Prizes may not be of similar nature from period to period.
d.) Frequency of raffles will be at the sole discretion of Love Right™.
e.) Love Right™ reserves the right to cancel raffle at any time for any reason.
4. Additional Terms: a.) If referred IDW becomes ineligible for referrals for any reason before the 30th day, referring IDW will not be eligible for promo. b.) There will be no re-registering eligibility. If a referred IDW initiates a Promo payout and referred IDW registers again in the future, referring IDW will not be eligible to collect any future Promo for that referred IDW. c.) We reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the Program at any time, without notice, at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to not award a Promo or disqualify someone from the Program if we feel, in our sole discretion, that fraudulent behavior or other unethical conduct has occurred in any way that compromises the fairness the Program in any way. d.) By participating in this Program, you agree to release and hold harmless Love Right Home Care Referral Agency, as the operator of the Program for us and our affiliates and subsidiaries, directors, officers, employees, consultants, and agents, and any other entity associated with marketing this Program (collectively, the “Released Parties”) from any and all claims or damages arising out of, or in connection with the Program. You further agree that the Program and credits are provided “as is where is”. THERE ARE NO REPRESENTATIONS OR WARRANTIES INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO STATUTORY WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS, WARRANTIES AND CONDITIONS OF MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, THIRD PARTIES RIGHTS, AND NON-INFRINGEMENT OF PROPRIETARY RIGHTS. IN NO EVENT WILL EITHER PARTY BE LIABLE TO THE OTHER FOR ANY CONSEQUENTIAL, INCIDENTAL, OR SPECIAL DAMAGES, INCLUDING ANY LOST PROFITS OR LOST SAVINGS, EVEN IF ONE PARTY HAS BEEN ADVISED OF THE POSSIBILITY OF SUCH DAMAGES, OR FOR ANY CLAIM BY ANY THIRD PARTY. e.) Limited time offers. Love Right™ reserves the right to terminate and/or modify this offer at any time without prior notice.