If you’ve ever been blessed with the task of finding caregivers for a loved one, you know it’s no easy feat.  Finding the right one(s) can take months, if you find them at all.  Family knows best where care is needed, and when, but how do you determine a new person is the right fit?

Trust in Finding Caregivers

Like any job, the caregivers need skill and experience, but remember this is your loved one.  Probably your Mom or Dad (the people that poured endless love into raising you).  You’ll need someone you can depend on when you cannot be there for them.  Someone you can trust to keep their best interest at heart; whether it’s advocating at doctors’ appointments or remembering their favorite cup of tea.  So where to turn?

My Biased (although excellent) Opinion:

There may be 100’s of other options for Home Care Services in San Diego, but Love Right is so different when it comes to sifting through the thousands of caregiver applicants that are interested in registering on the platform.  It’s just, THE BEST.  Love Right’s system for finding caregivers, CAREGuard™, narrows every 100 candidates down to about 22.  I’ll explain more……

Finding Caregivers as a CAREGuardian

Claire Petri - Recruiting Specialist with Love Right Home Care Referral Agency

I’m Claire, the Recruiter at Love Right® and a CAREGuardian. From the moment a caregiver expresses interest in applying, to the day they’re matched with a client, I’m there to guide them through the process.  CAREGuard™ is the most comprehensive system I have worked with in my years of meeting talented caregivers.  When my friends ask me what I do for a living I tell them- “I interview angels”.  I feel so blessed every day to engage with such incredible people, and with CAREGuard™ on such an intimate level.  Hear it in our name, and feel it in our process.  Everything is done with Love, including our interviews.  Professional History tells one story, but we want to hear more.  What was a caregivers most memorable moment with a client? Describe challenges they’ve faced and how did they overcome them? How do they have fun?

The point is,

Love Right listens to what makes Caregivers light up, then brings more of that light their way.  It makes the matching more enjoyable, and extends the length of each relationship.

Finding Caregivers - blocking the bad ones

Not every caregiver I meet is the right fit for Love Right®.

This job often ends in rejection.  It’s not the best part of my job, although the most important.  I become the filter for what families don’t want or need in their home.  Finding caregivers goes deeper than verifying work experience, I walk through some ‘worst case scenarios” with caregivers.  If loved ones are at risk of falling, or they suffer from memory care issues, I want to ensure the caregiver is confident.  It’s a requirement that they navigate situations responsibly and with grace.  Consistent and clear communication is also an important trait in a caregiver.

Rely on CAREGuard

I confidently rely on CAREGuard™ to vet applicants, rendering these Professional caregivers to be some of the most skilled, reliable, and LOVING caregivers out there.  So, confidently rely on your CAREGuardian to do just that- Guard and protect your loved one.  Even though I may never meet a family, I think about every client like my own family.  With this system I’m only moving forward with caregivers that will make your family feel safe & secure, while comfortable and loved.  I’m proud to say I work within a system I trust to place caregivers with my loved ones.

I love getting to know each person on an individual level, and I am blessed to see the benefits of this system every day.  The magic that comes from making the right match is undeniable.  Caregivers & clients are glowing, smiles and success stories are around every corner and I feel so lucky to play a small role in this process.