Nursing Assistants are celebrated daily at Love Right®.  Our job is to lift them up and connect them to their calling!  Let’s congratulate them for their giving nature, because they’re the glue that holds together the continuum of care in this country.  It’s easy to be passionate about Nursing Assistants, because we see first hand the difference they make in seniors lives every single day here in San Diego, CA.  We meet them and register them on our platform, then match them with Elderly in need.  If it wasn’t for them, the aging population would be in poor shape, alone and at risk of harm or death.  They grace the rooms of rehab facilities, hospitals, private homes and many other care settings.


HAPPY CNA DAY!!! (June 14th)

  • Nursing Assistants week has been observed since 1977 (42 years)
  • Take the time to honor and recognize nursing staff’s hard work and dedication during National Nursing Assistants Week in June and throughout the year.  They deserve recognition!

Nursing assistants week - CNAs are

Nursing Assistants ARE:

The CAREGIVERS!  The people we trust to care for our every waking need, when we need it.  They’re the healers when we need to heal.  It’s not a lucrative profession, but it’s definitely a calling.  These types of people sacrifice their pursuits in exchange for giving happiness to others.  It’s noble, it’s generous, and it’s consuming.  They’re our favorite kind of people.  It’s why we’re so proud to say we LOVE Nursing Assistants because of how they LOVE!

“There are only four kinds of people in the world.
Those who have been caregivers.
Those who are currently caregivers.
Those who will be caregivers, and those who will need a caregiver.”

~Rosalyn Carter

Sometimes our work as caregivers is not for the faint of heart. But, you will never know what you are made of until you step into the fire. Step bravely!

~Deborah A. Beasley

Nursing Assistant Guides .com explains a Nursing Assistant perfectly:

nursing assistant

“Nursing assistants fulfill basic quality-of-life needs for patients of any age in residential nursing care facilities or outpatient clinics. Since nursing assistants have daily contact with patients, they are gatherers of vital information about the patients’ conditions, which they must then transmit to their supervisors. A CNA’s workload can become intense and fast-paced, but the human contact and ability to help those in medical need is a strong motivating factor. A desire to help people and compassion for patients can help a nurse’s assistant get through difficult days.”

If you or someone you care about needs a kind and understanding visitor because they cannot help themselves.  Ask for help from family first.  If family lives too far or works too often, call us to schedule a No Obligation CAREConsult™ with a Love RightCare Service Representative.  You’re in luck because we manifest kindness professionally, and we find you the perfect Nursing Assistants for any daily needs.

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