As we grow older, in home care is a must have for aging loved ones. We may not be able to move around as freely as we once did or remember important things like taking medication or running errands. This can be especially challenging for our elderly loved ones who may have lost their spouse, friends, or family members over time. However, there is a solution that can help minimize the burden and ensure the aging population is well taken care of – in-home care services.

In-home care services provide various levels of support to fit your circumstances

Whether you need help with grooming, cooking, or getting around the house, an in-home caregiver can offer tailored services to meet your needs. They are trained to provide daily support that aligns with your unique situation.

One specific service that in-home care services offer is an elder companion. An elder companion spends time with your loved one to prevent social isolation. Social isolation has become a critical issue among the elderly population, leading to negative impacts on their physical and mental health. An elder companion can provide a sense of friendship and companionship, thus keeping loneliness at bay.

Moreover, in-home caregivers offer support for family caregivers who need to step away. There are times when family caregivers may need to handle other commitments, leaving their elderly loved ones unattended. With in-home care services, family members can rest assured that their loved ones are well taken care of while they attend to other matters. The caregiver can provide companionship, medication reminders, meal preparation, and light housework.

In-home care services offer an added layer of security for aging loved ones.

As we age, staying safe in our homes can become a significant concern. In-home caregivers are trained to identify and reduce hazards in the home, and ensure your loved one’s environment is safe. They also monitor their client’s wellbeing and report any changes to family members or physicians.

Finally, in-home caregivers can provide care for those who have difficulty leaving their homes due to age or medical conditions. Medical appointments and other important engagements may require leaving the house, but it can be challenging for some. In-home caregivers can offer support to ensure that appointments and errands are fulfilled.

Work with a professional

In-home care services offer various levels of service to fit your circumstance. In-home caregivers can help with day-to-day tasks like cooking and grooming, while also ensuring your loved one is safe in their home. Or, on days when you’re unavailable, an elder companion can spend time with your loved one to prevent social isolation.

“As we age, there are new things for us to consider as our bodies and minds don’t always do what we want,” says Jessica Hawk, Co-founder, VP, and Director of Love Right Home Care Referral Agency in San Diego, CA. “When limitations become an issue, it’s important to be open to help, whether from family members or outside sources like hiring a caregiver or assistant. Otherwise, daily tasks can begin to pile up.”

“Caregivers can also assess health changes and offer support and suggestions that will make life easier and safer while offering physical assistance if needed,” continues Hawk. “They’re often the eyes and ears for family members that don’t live close by, offering peace of mind knowing their loved one is well cared for. People need people – we’re not meant to do this life alone.”

Always Ask for help from family first.  If family lives too far or works too often, call us to schedule a No Obligation CAREConsult™ with a Love RightCare Service Representative.

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