Pancreatic Cancer has no detection. 

It’s the 3rd highest killing cancer and moving to be the 2nd pretty fast. Darla’s husband and daughter (Shannon) fight for this cause the best way they can but can’t do it alone. Shannon made a lasting promise to Mama that she would never stop fighting her fight against Pancreatic Cancer. Shannon Volunteers as the Affiliate Chair for the San Diego Affiliate for The Pancreatic Cancer Action Network. She is involved in all planning, fundraising, and waging hope. This still is not enough to bring needed awareness to other families so affected people don’t go through what Darla and her family did.

 It is estimated that in 2016 apprx. 53,070 Americans would be diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and 41,780 would die from the disease. With only 9 percent survival rate. 

This is why participation and donation mean so much. Please join Miles for Mama in their Fourth PurpleStride. Help Us bring awareness to a much needed cause.


Help Others With Pancreatic Cancer

Even with just a few dollars, you can be helping a family through the scariest time in their life.  You can be connecting them to life sustaining treatments and raising the survival rate above the dismal 9% it is now.

Miles for Mama – a family story about Pancreatic Cancer

Started in 2016 by Darla Gliptis and her daughter Shannon Lee. Growing up Shannon always called Darla “Mama” so this team name just seemed fitting.  They were best friends, inseparable, and a phenomenal Mother-Daughter-Team.

In November, 2015 

Darla Gliptis, was diagnosed with Stage 1 B pancreatic cancer. Her only warning was left side pain under her ribs and to her back. Thank God for the excruciating pain which lead her to insist on getting a CT scan when her doctor wanted to do nothing.

Read more about Mama’s story here…

Join us September 28, 2019 for Purple Stride