Caregiving can be a tireless and thankless career at times, BUT…. the joys of caregiving found within serving another person are so much better than the drawbacks.

We know the joys of Caregiving first hand

We have seen, heard, and witnessed so many success stories of seniors who were failing to thrive, with poor health, and have their lives turned around because of dedicated caregivers helping with their basic needs.  It takes an incredibly special person to be able to provide care to others in such sensitive situations. Caregiving is a form of art. A mixture of communication, compassion, creativity, proper body mechanics, nurturing, strength and showing love through actions.

We took a survey to find out what professional caregivers have to say about the Joys of Caregiving…

Let’s see what they had to say…

What is your joy graphic

“Helping others makes me happy. “


“Seeing my clients light up when I arrive lets me know I’m doing something right. I love making someone’s day.”


“Watching someone make improvements in their health and situation inspires me to always want to be better and to continue helping others on their journeys no matter what stage they are in life.”


“Most people in my family are caregivers, almost as if it’s in our blood. It’s a part of who I am. To be a caregiver is joy to me. I am my most authentic self when I am providing care.”


“I love working with seniors and hearing their stories and about their lives. There is so much wisdom to be gained from listening to someone a little older than you. That’s what keeps me going and brings me the joy of caregiving.”


The Joys of Caregiving – Family Praises

  1. There’s no way we would have survived without the love and care that was provided to my parents the last few years of their lives. We always had a sense of peace knowing mom and dad weren’t alone and had someone with them who could help in times of need (and there were a lot of times in need).
  2. We always called mom’s caregivers her angels, because that’s what they are! They were always there to help, and constantly thinking about ways to improve our situation. We can’t thank them enough!
  3. When we first introduced the idea of having a caregiver to my dad he wasn’t very keen on the idea. Jessica suggested we start out slow and allow him to get to know someone. Now dad relies so much on his caregivers and is so grateful for all they do for him. I’m so glad we didn’t wait until the last minute to find a good match for him.
  4. Our family was in a very difficult place when we decided to get the help of a professional caregiver. It was the best decision we could’ve ever made! It allowed us to become family again, rather than arguing because mom didn’t want to do what I told her she needed to do, lol. Mom loved having a new face in the mix to help her out and to share her stories and hobbies with. Having a caregiver brought a lot of joy to mom’s last year, for all of us.
  5. When you are losing a loved one to Alzheimer’s, you grieve before they pass away, because you’re losing someone you’ve always known. There are many days I wanted to break down and give up, but I had the support of amazing care providers. They not only took care of my husband’s physical and safety needs, they reassured me and held my hand in those moments of extreme sadness. I can’t begin to express my gratitude towards all the caregivers that showed their genuine lobe and compassion. It’s a gift I will always cherish.

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