Recognizing age stereotypes might not be huge concern, unless you’re too young to make your own decisions, -or- your reaching the ripe age of 65.  But…… Ageism is everywhere in our society.  I recognize this as traffic passes by the the freeway off-ramps in Mission Valley on my daily drives into the Love Right™ office, where the homeless are panhandling.  The givers (drivers) often make a split second decision after analyzing whether they’re able-bodied, working age, compared to elderly, and physically-struggling individuals.  I notice that the frail and sickly are most often receiving the handout. The younger may not be any LESS homeless, but because of their age they’re treated differently.    It might not be the best example, but you get the gist.

“For older people, ageism is an everyday challenge. Overlooked for employment, restricted from social services and stereotyped in the media, ageism marginalizes and excludes older people in their communities.”

~According to The World Health Organization (WHO)

Age is Only a Number

Age is just a number - Dad and Me

My elderly father often argues that he doesn’t feel like he’s approaching 80.  He describes his mental acumen as somewhere in his late 30’s, when he was in his prime, but people always treat him like the age he appears (which he will sometimes argue is also in his late 30’s, LOL!).  I used to laugh at this very concept, because I didn’t understand.  Now as I’m aging, my appreciation for life and the process of getting older is expanding.  It’s an exceptional gift to age year after year, no matter how you feel about your age.

Have you caught yourself saying “If I only knew then, what I know now……?”  I’m willing to bet you have.  It’s an example of something important that can only be achieved through Aging and life experience; Wisdom.  It’s not as easy to come by when you’re young, it’s like a fine wine, it only gets better with age.  If you continue reading you’ll find ‘9 Reasons Why life & Aging are a Gift‘.

Life can offer daily inspirations that can be  shared with Love.  Sure, we don’t always get what we “want” out of life, but it’s a blessing to just be alive, isn’t it?  We sure think so!  There’s not much time, so Live life while you can, and say “I know now, what I know now…… because of what I didn’t know then.

“Age is just a number, Life & Aging are the greatest gifts that we could possibly ever have. “

~Cicely Tyson

9 Reasons Why Life and Aging are a Gift

  1. Experience – You lower your chances of making the same mistakes, maybe even getting closer to building things you’re passionate about.
  2. Wisdom – Understanding the way of the world, slow to anger, slow to speak & quick to listen.
  3. Stability – Chances are, the older you get, the more stable you become.  Thanks to #1 & #2
  4. It gets easier – People do most of their “life-fighting” during the younger years, while building their life, so when they’re older it takes less energy to do more.
  5. People are Nicer – Respect for elders is a real thing.  They may even ask if they can carry things for you, or help with other daily tasks.  AND…. SENIOR DISCOUNTS just because!
  6. Larger Network – Many the years, many the connections.  You have more resources to call on for an array of different tasks and events.  Friends and co-workers compiled through the years.
  7. Thought – You’ve had the time to think, you’re wiser now.  Your time in thought is more productive, maybe even meditative, more independent and less persuaded by the thoughts of others.
  8. Sharing – Your age and experience may lead you to helping others through the process.  Teaching the ones you care for to avoid the same mistakes you may have made in your younger years.
  9. Respect – Respect for the journey!  I’ve asked my Dad plenty of times, “How have you made it this long?”  he answers, “I have no idea.  Life can be tough, making it to 50 was once a serious achievement.”

If you or someone you care about struggles with the Aging process, Ask for help from family first.  If family lives too far or works too often, call us to schedule a No Obligation CAREConsult™ with a Love RightCare Service Representative.  You’re in luck because are experts on Aging, we can help you enjoy life again!

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