Aging Assistance San Diego

5 signs your parents need help with aging

People are worried about their parents getting along by themselves. Is their worry sensible? Absolutely! Do they really need some help?  Yes, Yes, Yes.  Aging assistance is intended to help people at any stage of the aging process.  Your parents can be completely independent but lack the energy to complete their daily tasks.  They could absolutely benefit from some light assistance.

There are 5 simple signs that will help you understand if they need some extra help, because we love taking care of family.

The Home Visit – Some things to look for:

1)  Check the laundry.

Has it been done recently? Take a closer look at the clothes that have been washed. Are they clean?  Smelling fresh?  Be sure to check for dampness, because they may have forgotten to dry, or dry thoroughly.  This is one of the first tasks missed when an aging adult is in need of Aging Assistance San Diego.

2)  Check the Refrigerator.

Look for outdated food, spoiling veggies or a lack of food.  Make yourself aware of there food habits and diet.  This sign is very important, mainly because It shows that they’re not leaving the house enough to shop (lack of energy or forgetfulness) and maintain the nutrition they need to stay healthy.  There’s additional health concerns, especially if they’re consuming spoiled food and outdated products.

3)  Outside Appearance.

Take a gander outside to see if they’re able to maintain their surroundings, like watering outdoor plants, overgrown shrubs, uncut grass, also overgrown weeds, etc.  Another place to check is the mailbox, because there’s cause for concern if the mail hasn’t been collected in multiple days.

4)  Hygiene.

Give mom and dad a hug, because you’ll want to check for odor.  Notice their hair, are they grooming?  Are they changing their clothes frequently, bathing, shaving?  If they have always been aware of their hygiene and they are beginning to neglect it, this would be an unavoidable sign to step in.  This sign may take a couple trips to the parents home to investigate if this is now a normal occurrence.

5)  Maintenance.

You may be able to notice right away if your parents have always been neat and tidy people.  Check the bathroom first, walk through the house and look for an abundance of clutter, check the garage and common areas.  If items are clogging doorways, hallways or scattered throughout their living space, it can be extremely dangerous and even deadly.  A fall can happen anywhere. According to experts, falls are the leading cause of death for people over 65.

If you notice that one of these signs are present you may want to have a discussion with your parents or other family member about making some changes in the support system.  These are just a few visual cues that will give you insight on their well being.  Generally, the initial decline in self preservation is the first step in understanding aging assistance is needed.


Suggested Actions for Aging Assistance San Diego

When finding one or more of these signs from above, we suggest:
  • First let your loved ones know that you are concerned for them, because you think they need some additional help to maintain a safe living environment.  This can be challenging but worth the effort, also we all know our parents can be quick to dismiss any assistance at all.  Everyone likes to maintain independence, maybe even you.  Most importantly they need to understand that help is needed, so be honest with them about what you’ve noticed.
  • Make a higher interval of unannounced visits, as a result, you’ll get a better visual of their needs.
  • Schedule a meeting with family or other siblings, maybe neighbors and friends, mainly to initiate a plan to have someone stop by every day.
  • Accompany them to doctors appointment and openly discuss options as much as possible .
  • do their shopping for them, maintain there home, hire a house cleaner, help de-clutter on a regular basis.  Essentially you can become their caretaker.


Q:  What if I’m too far away to come regularly?

A:  This is a common problem associated with aging and adult neglect.  The best decision is to keep your loved ones at home, because home is somewhere they recognize and somewhere they’re happy and independent.  Your parent may rely on your visits to get certain things accomplished and will not seek additional help.

Options to assist from afar:

  • First you should solicit family, friends, neighbors and your local community programs, i.e.; churches, senior centers and non-profits.
  • Another, you can contact a meal assistance program.
  • Also, initiate contact with a Domestic Referral Agency that refers home caregivers – (assistance in the home.)  Company’s will provide free assessments to find suitable independent caregivers for your parents.  This is a meeting you should be present for, because you’ll have a lot of questions for the CAREConsult™ Representative.  Good home caregivers will keep in touch with you on a regular basis to communicate how mom and dad are; progressing, declining, condition changes or praises.  They’re also a resource to give you other options, especially if home care is not the right choice for your family.
  • Hire a private caregiver to assist with daily duties.