Caregiver Stress Facts and Tips

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Family Caregiver Stress

This type of stress may be hard to understand unless you’ve experienced it for yourself.  It’s a build-up of little things that will collectively bring you to your knees.  It’s a common overwhelming feeling associated with too many responsibilities and not enough time to complete tasks, or not enough help.

Looking into the future, more and more adults are becoming dependent on their children and other family members to complete activities of daily living.  These adults commonly have little to no choice in the matter,  most of them cannot afford to look outside of their family for help.  This puts a lot of stress on the children of these adults, which is why it’s also common for the adults needing help fail to ask until it’s too late, but that’s an entirely different topic.  We help because helping is what families do.  Inevitably this adds to the daily stress people face.  There’s things we can do as family caregivers to alleviate some of this unwanted stress.

  1. Laugh It off 

    • It lowers Adrenaline and Cortisol which are 2 stress hormones.
  2. Role With It

    • Role your feet over a rolling pin or a gentle massager for just 5 minutes, to relieve tension and trigger endorphins, meanwhile reducing stress.
  3. Work It Out

    • Incorporate exercise into your daily routine and you Pituitary Gland will release endorphins to relieve anxiety.
  4. Eat It Up

    • Eat Leafy greens, almonds and low fat cottage cheese that are all rich in vitamins and minerals perfect for reducing stress.
  5. Breathe It out

    • Breathe deeply in through the nose and out through the mouth.  This will oxygenate your body and slow your heart rate down, ultimately reducing stress.

We came across this very helpful infographic illustrating the harm caregiver stress can have on the body and ways we can gain relief. We publish this post to help family caregivers with the burden of caring for family. Too much caregiver stress can amount to serious conditions. We all need a break and ways to relieve the stressful lifestyle of being a caregiver.
So let’s laugh, workout, eat healthy and breathe as the infographic suggests. focuses on the health topics that matter most to today’s audience, including: diet and fitness, mental & emotional health, sexual health, pregnancy, baby health, drugs & alcohol, as well as information on more than 125 different health conditions.

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