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Finding Your Next Amazing Caregiver

We exist to help those in need.  Those in need deserve the most Trusted, Reliable, Skilled and Compassionate caregivers.  Love Right is known for our excellent choice of professionals.  Our success is measured by whom we allow to be a part of our registry.  Using techniques from thousands of interviews, we’ve developed the CAREGuard™ System to ensure we are registering the best and most loving candidates for those in need.

How we Confirm You’re Getting Quality

We are Unique in the Caregiving Industry.

We are 1 of few Referral Agencies here in San Diego and we take pride in being different.  Especially when being different means that You & Your Caregiver Match  get to enjoy freedom along with quality and affordable care.  We understand the difficulty involved in introducing new people into your home.  Love Right specializes in screening and matching you with professional caregivers that will meet and exceed your needs.

Your Caregiver Match

Love Right referred caregivers will assist you with all your needs. Companionship Care A lot of times, the simplest of tasks can be beyond what you or a loved one can perform. Maybe you can’t bear to leave your mom home alone without someone to come to check on her, Sadly you are too far away to make the trip everyday. Or perhaps mail is piling up, clothes are going unwashed and the dog just isn’t getting out of the house.

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Where we Find Your Caregiver Match

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