c-our-inner-caregiver-e1407710684391One of the best gifts in life is being able to care for someone in need. It brings such a life changing

fulfillment to know you have made a difference in someones life by simply being there.  To help, listen and provide. Sometimes we get so busy caring for our loved ones (or clients), that we lack in taking care of our own needs.

Slow Down

Taking the time to slow down and take a breath can actually be a chore… funny right?  If you really think about it, it almost sounds silly to stop and take a few deep breaths.

As a caregiver I understand.  Who wants to stop in the middle of a productive day?

Yet it can be the most calming thing to get us through the day. Treating yourself to a nice long walk at the park or beach.  Sound insane?  Especially when you already have so much going on. Have you ever found yourself saying to someone “I don’t have time, or I just can’t do that right now” but in reality it’s all you want to do.  This is where “caring for our inner caregiver” is best utilized.  You will always have an excuse not to.  Add little explorations of peace to your day.  Do this slowly and notice your ability to care grow.

Knowing the signs to watch out for before becoming burned-out is important. It’s natural for most caregivers to tolerate a massive amount of tasks, and at times its hard to tell when we are feeling stressed.  Pushed to the limits. We have to make it a point to take care of ourselves and our bodies.  How else can we care for those around us.  Breathe. Just understand that the people we care for are grateful for having us and it’s the most rewarding feeling as a caregiver.  That goes for family or for work.  They would want you to take care of yourself, so do it!  If you have someone in your family who is the caregiver stop them every now and again and thank them for all they do.


Success with caregivers comes in many forms.  Reaching milestone in our loved ones (or clients) recovery or little successes like getting to the bathroom before an accident.  Looking at the positives in all situations will breathe success into all you do, all day.  Instead of looking at the mess that will take you 30 minutes to clean, look instead at the beauty and satisfaction at the finished job.  Enjoy these moments as a caregiver.  You have been trusted in a position where it is hard manage and where Love can change the course of the day. Those of you that are caregivers, Caring for Our Inner Caregiver the way you care for everyone else.  You are awesome.  You are beautiful.  You are one great Human. This is one of the most challenging jobs out there.  Stay healthy.  Care with love.