We’re in the holiday season, which means there are many reasons to be happy because there’s more family around, gifts to give and love to share.  Although, for some seniors, it’s the contrary.  Depression (Senior Holiday blues) is very common among older adults during this time of year, because of recently lost loved ones and friends, family is too busy or too far to visit, or they cannot travel alone.  When seniors are left alone during the holidays, the sadness can get the best of them.  We think it’s important to seek relationships with these seniors.  These are our neighbors, community members, grandparents and friends.

What if you are not looking forward to the holidays or feeling depressed knowing they are approaching?

Many people, especially seniors, have experienced the loss of a friend, a relative or a loved one throughout the year. Holidays tend to have undertones of depression and anxiety.

Professionals in the healthcare field suggest to have some type of plan for the actual holiday.

Make an effort to “connect” with someone, even if you are not able to leave your home, you can accomplish this by phone, Skype or some other method or make a point to go someplace with others.

Senior Holiday Blues - Love Right Home Care Blog

The point is to try to be around other people. It can be as simple as offering to provide a ride for another senior, sharing a meal together or going to a religious gathering.
Don’t try to “go it alone”, share. Your stories can help lighten up someone else’s holiday!  Senior Holiday Blues can be avoided with a little help.

8 Ways to Avoid the Senior Holiday Blues:

  1. A walk on the beach, a park visit, a meal out or even a museum visit.
  2. Surround yourself with other people so the feeling of being alone does not make one feel even more isolated.
  3. Art can also emotionally lift spirits.  Something as simple as coloring.
  4. Making a holiday craft or homemade card or food item to give someone.
  5. Volunteering at an event, if possible, is another suggestion.
  6. Bake for some local families and bring it to them on the holiday.
  7. Sign up with a local senior center for events in your areas.
  8. Have a caregiver assist with hosting a holiday event at your home.

Professional Caregivers specialize in Home Care through the holidays.  You can’t always be there for your parents and Grandparents.  A trusted caregiver can deliver a hot meal, help call family, lift their spirit, promote activities and much more.

  Schedule a Holiday Caregiver to Combat Those Blues