Falls can take the life from the party.  Fall Prevention must be a daily practice for aging adults.  After reading the Home Care Fall Prevention Quiz, we can understand how real the danger is.  For the elderly a fall can be life or death.  This is the reason we take this education seriously.  We see first hand the devastation families endure in the aftermath of a fall.  We came up with 10 tips that can help rid an environment from common obstacles and dangers that cause falls in seniors.

  1. Remove obstacles inside and outside the home that can cause tripping.
  2. Add nonslip treads to smooth wooden stairs.
  3. Install handrails and lights on stairs
  4. Install shower and tub grab bars in bathroom
  5. Place no-slip mats on the shower floor and bathtub
  6. Secure loose wooden floor boards and carpets
  7. Store clothes, dishes, food and other essentials in easy reach places.
  8. Clean up all spills right away
  9. Check into PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems)
  10. Consider assistance at home to avoid falls, doing chores that may be unsafe for you to perform by yourself.

With additional help, you can choose to do more activities safely such as exercises, walks outside, if able. Caregivers can allow you to run errands safely, visit doctors for regular check ups including having your eye sight checked.

Caregivers can also check for any changes in health conditions such as dizziness, joint pain, numbness, or shortness of breath and bring this to your attention or a loved ones. Safety First !

   Trust Love Right™ To Help Prevent Falls