Caregivers;10 Reasons it’s Awesome to be One


We Love Caregivers
and we’re Giving you 10 reasons it’s awesome to be one

  1. Fulfillment, rewarding, Humbling.  There’s a certain feeling associated when you help people physically.
  2. You can physically see the difference you make is a family’s life.  Even if you are visiting to say hello and make sure they have got out of bed to eat breakfast today.
  3. Scrubs are so comfortable – It’s like wearing pajamas to work.  Right Caregivers?
  4. The stories – There may not be another profession in existence where you will hear nearly a century of history through the eyes of someone that has lived it.  This is my favorite reason of why it’s awesome to be a caregiver.  You can learn so much about life, wisdom, relationships, what it was like to hear the Beatles for the first time; for example.
  5. Working for a greater purpose – Protecting the independence of the elderly, disabled and healing is the job of a saint and it’s Awesome.
  6. Sets a great example for everyone – Kids especially (yours and anyone else’s), caregiving is a true form of humble servitude.  Giving part of yourself to benefit another.  It teaches people that they CAN use their hands and make a difference.
  7. Love – It’s the answer for everything, right?  Love heals all, Love makes it all worth it in the end.  We believe Love is the ultimate goal in every kind of relationship..  Caregivers have a unique quality in that they have an abundance of Love to give to people in need.
  8. Compassion – Caregivers helping heal those that have been unattended and not cared for. Nurturing someone back to health is the biggest and most rewarding feeling.
  9. Strength – understanding how much you can handle and help someone is a challenge, yet your biggest strength.  Caregivers are always tested…. And pushed to their limits for family or as a profession.  Not an easy task at all – See Thank a Caregiver.
  10. Reassurance for the future  – For their own loved ones. Working as a caregiver is not only rewarding, but also very important in your own lives, as it helps prepare for your future when your loved ones  will require more assistance.  Also for yourselves.  We will all, someday, need a caregiver.

About the Author:

Entrepreneur, caregiver, husband and owner/blogger for LoveRightCare.com. I am devoted to helping the disabled, aging and disease sufferers find the best caregiver match to elevate their quality of life. I write to educate the public on issues surrounding Alzheimer's, Dementia and other age related diseases. Most of my stories are from personal experience. I surround myself with some of the worlds most loving and compassionate people. I am truly Blessed.

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  1. Sue Ranscht June 2, 2014 at 12:12 pm - Reply

    This is so you, Jessica! I wonder if this is something I should consider doing — part time, anyway.

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