Water is one of the more important components of our daily consumption.  The human body is made up of about 60% water, therefor drinking it frequently is necessary.  It’s increasingly more needed for elderly persons, because the side effects of dehydration become much more detrimental to health.

Often times when a disabled or elderly person is having bouts of forgetfulness, it’s due to dehydration. Forgetting to drink (as we all do) is easier than some think.  Being dehydrated also affects elderly skin integrity, all their organs and especially their mind. I witness elderly placed on dangerous medications, many times unnecessary, due to side effects frrom dehydration. A sedentary lifestyle is also a major culprit of low consumption of water for elderly , like; Sitting at a desk all day, hyper focused on work, too many distractions, long periods of sleep and couch potato-ing.

Drink Water for Health sake - Water for Elderly

More Water For Elderly

  • Whenever there’s a visitor, pour a glass of water and make sure they drink it.
  • Call to remind them to drink.
  • Hire a caregiver to make daily visits to give reminders.
  • Set reminders on their phone with a text message to “drink Water”
  • Rely on neighbors to check on them
  • If they dislike water, provide a calorie free flavored additive.
  • Leave note around the home in their high traffic areas.

When the Well is Dry, We’ll Know the Worth of Water.

Benjamin Franklin

Water is the Driving Force of All Nature.

– Leonardo da Vinci

Thousands Have Lived Without Love, Not One Without Water.

– W.H.Auden

There are many benefits to drinking water …. and not just for the elderly.

  1.  To deliver Oxygen through the blood.

  2.  Help maintain body temperature.

  3.  It assists digestion and removing toxins

  4.  Promotes weight loss.

  5.  Helps produce more energy.

  6.  Keep skin looking “GREAT”.

  7.  Promotes Kidney Health.

  8.  Lubricates the joints.

  9.  Prevents UTI’s




If you or someone you care about needs a frequent reminder to replenish their water glass.  Ask for help from family first.  If family lives too far or works too often, call us to schedule a No Obligation CAREConsult™ with a Love RightCare Service Representative.  

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