Today is World Pancreatic Cancer Day. Love Right™ and I support Pancreatic Cancer Awareness, because Mama’s diagnosis has changed our lives forever.  She was only 55 when she was taken from us, therefor my life’s goal will bring our community the awareness and progress needed.  No one should experience this type of devastation, but so many do.  The fact is 91.5% of diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer will NOT live past the 5 year mark.  Early detection will prevent rising numbers, but will only work with knowledge of the symptoms.

Pancreatic Cancer Day - symptoms infographic

Pancreatic Cancer Statistics

Motivation to battle Pancreatic Cancer is based on devastating statistics, as a result I’m sharing these numbers and spreading awareness to further the cause on this Pancreatic Cancer Day:

  • 1 in 63 men have Pancreatic Cancer

  • 1 in 65 women have Pancreatic Cancer.

  • 20% to 30% have Pancreatic Cancer due to cigarette smoking.

  • Obesity led to a 20% higher diagnosis.

  • Higher risk for type 2 Diabetics.

  • Over 80% that have Pancreatic Cancer are 60 to 80 years old.

  • 1,250 people receive a Pancreatic Cancer diagnosis daily.

  • Diets high in meats, cholesterol and fried foods elevate risk.

“I want to put a ding in the universe.”

– Steve Jobs (from Scott Schlee about making his mark in the fight against pancreatic cancer)

12 Celebrities Diagnosed With Pancreatic Cancer

Cancer’s and diseases gain more traction when famous people are affected.  Thanks to, we’re able to find stars who lost their lives to Pancreatic Cancer, as a result this brings awareness to the masses.  Today we’re sharing tears and sympathy as their families and fans also cherish their memory.


  • Steve Jobs: The Apple CEO and co-founder had a rare form of pancreatic cancer in 2004.
  • Luciano Pavarotti: In July 2006, the opera singer underwent surgery treating the malignant pancreatic mass.
  • Patrick Swayze: Diagnosed in 2008, the actor battled pancreatic cancer with an experimental drug and passed a year later.
  • Ruth Bader Ginsburg: In 2009, the Supreme Court judge underwent surgery to treat pancreatic cancer.
  • Joan Crawford: Th Oscar-winning actress and screen legend died of a heart attack while battling pancreatic cancer in 1971.
  • Jack Benny: The comedian experienced symptoms in October 1974, eventually leading to a pancreatic cancer diagnosis.
  • Count Basie: The jazz pianist died of pancreatic cancer in April 1984. He was 79.
  • Donna Reed: died of pancreatic cancer just three months after being diagnosed in October 1986. She was 64.
  • Rex Harrison:  diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 1989.
  • Michael Landon: The actor’s pancreatic cancer was diagnosed in the late stages and already spread to his liver.
  • Fred Gwynne: Actor on the television series “The Munsters,” Fred Gwynne died of pancreatic cancer in July 1993.
  • Henry Mancini: Musical composer Henry Mancini died of pancreatic cancer in June 1994.
Pancreatic Cancer Day


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