c-20-things-caregivers-can-do-in-4-hoursWith this title you might already be thinking, “that’s 5 things per hour, easy!” If you saw into the world of a professional caregiver you would change your mind. You see, caregivers are the backbone of helping the elderly and disabled maintain independence at home. What does that mean? Chances are if someone wasn’t assisting them, they would be a harm to themselves or they might be subjected to living in a nursing home or assisted living community. So let’s be honest, when you think about aging into your 60s, 70s and 80s you don’t imagine you’ll be placed in a facility, away from everything you’ve loved and built for half a century. It’s not the ideal plan.  Personally, it’s not what I imagine for myself.  I hope that my family can take care of me.

We all might agree that our time is really valuable in today’s economy, and it may not be realistic to expect your family to do the hard stuff.  Caregivers can do more for us than we know.  Let’s take a look at 20 important tasks caregivers can do in about 4 hours.

1.  Laundry

Caregivers can do your laundry and maintain some cleanliness in your home.

2.  Food Preparation

Cooking your favorite dishes, and even leaving meals for you to heat up later.

3.  Grocery Shopping

When shopping becomes harder to do alone, or becomes a safety hazard, caregivers can assist daily or weekly.  They can also monitor expiration dates on foods.

4.  Empty Trash

Those big trash cans get heavy and terribly dangerous.  Don’t risk a fall.

5.  Water Plants

A quick and easy task to keep those lovely flowers blooming and fragrant.

6.  Helping dress

It get’s much harder with age.  Bending, balancing while putting on pants, putting on socks and shoes are potential fall hazards.

7.  Change linens

Trying to replace that jungle of sheets and a comforter will tire you out.  That’s a reason most elderly will let it go for too long before changing them.

8.  Sweep and mop

Easier, faster, efficient and safe.  Promotes a sanitary environment and prevent a slip and fall incident.

9.  Remind you to take medications

This is so important.  Forgetting to take medications is a huge risk factor for the aging; serious health complications can result, maybe even life threatening.

10.  Range of motion exercise

It’s hard for anyone to stay motivated to exercise. Caregivers can do range of motion with you to help maintain your independence by: promoting oxygenation, blood circulation, pain relief and flexibility.  Also preventing muscle atrophy, joint pain and stiffness, sores and poor circulation.

11.  Friendly conversation

When someone is limited to the confines of their home they miss out on social interaction.  Caregivers can do a lot by enjoying good talk time and genuine concern.  Our match making process ensures a great character match.

12.  Drive You to an Appointment

You may have the ability to drive still, but when you have an important appointment you don’t want to be late because of things like parking or traffic.  Caregivers can drop you off and pick you up without hassle.

13.  Walk a pet

We want to keep those loving fuzzy’s exercised too.  They may need more walking than you’re capable of.  Caregivers can do that for you daily.

14.  Assess changes in condition

Health Changes in elderly are common and not always communicated with the proper people.  Caregivers can do the ongoing assessment and chart condition changes that will impact overall health and well-being.

15.  Communicate condition with family

It’s proven that most aging parents do not want to bother their children with changing medical conditions, they have enough to worry about.  Caregivers can do the communicating to help get the support they need from family.  This is especially important for families far away.  It also provides an additional perception on the clients health changes.

16.  Go for a stroll

Balboa Park is beautiful year-round.  Go around the block.  If you can’t walk that far, caregivers can do the stroll in your wheelchair.  The fresh air is proven to promote happiness.

17.  Engaging Interaction

We all need to talk, act and express ourselves in various ways.  Aging loved ones can feel secluded if they are home-bound, and human interaction can be very therapeutic.  Caregivers listen, retain and respond in a genuine way.  Caregivers can do many activities to help keep you or your loved one engaged.

18.  De-clutter and Organize

Its hard to have the energy and time to organize your life.  Mail, closets, food, dishes etc,.  Clutter can be a potential hazard and prevent you from having a fulfilling life.  Caregivers can do so much to de-clutter and organize your life.

19.  Bathing Assistance

10-20 minutes of supervision or assistance will cut your chances of a slip and fall exponentially.  The safest way to stay clean.

~And most importantly~

20.  LOVE and compassion

Without it, caregiving wouldn’t be relevant.  Love and compassion should exist the whole time they’re present, if it’s not you may want to get in touch with a company that helps you find that Loving and Compassionate professional who will aim to please and build a special bond.

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