Caregivers are the heart of our society.  Their hard work yields inspiring results day after day.  Some would go as far as saying they’re angels that walk this earth.

Caregiver Appreciation - 6 ways to show gratitude


Caregivers are among the hardest working and lowest paid industries that exist in the United States.  What this shows us is that caregivers don’t necessarily join this profession for the pay.  A large majority work as caregivers to make a difference in someones life.  They help weak and vulnerable adults with task necessary to living their life comfortably.  The work environment can become like family/friends visits.  Over time you’ll get to know your caregiver’s story and what they like.  For instance; if you’ve know your caregiver for 2 months you may not put the same thought into a gift like a caregiver you’ve had working for years.  The longer you know them, it’s likely the more though you’d put into a gift or gesture.  Over time, you’ll get to know them like they’re you’re own family.

Caregiver Appreciation Makes a Difference

Caregiver are often doing the things you don’t have the time or ability to do on your own.  When someone feel appreciated (even though they’re getting paid), they tend to put much more of their effort into their tasks.  Random acts of kindness are sweet little bonuses that are priceless.  Be thoughtful and genuine, and do it as often as possible.  It can be as simple as leaving a kind post-it note for your caregiver on the loaf of bread they’ll use to make your sandwich.

Caregiving often calls us to lean into love we didn’t know possible.”

~Tia Walker

6 Ways to Show Caregiver Appreciation

  1. Say Thank You.
  2. Write a heartfelt recommendation letter.
  3. Offer some paid time off.
  4. Buy them a gift card.
  5. Treat them to their favorite restaurant.
  6.  Buy them beautiful flowers.

There are so many more ways to show Caregiver Appreciation.  Speaking from experience, it doesn’t need to be a large gesture, caregivers appreciate even the smallest of “thank you’s.”