Something I tend to repeat in my brain every time I’m first meeting someone “Make sure they leave happier then they arrived.”  As Caregivers, we have a natural human instinct to be empathetic, or spread love.  Meaning to share feelings with someone that may be suffering.  That Love you feel and share will brighten the day of many.  People don’t even have to be sad or suffering to spread your love and happiness to them.  Keep reading to gather ideas on how love can make people happier.

Spread Love everywhere you go, let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.

~Mother Theresa

Here’s some other ways you can make people happier

  1. Hugs for no other reason than to spread love.  This is one of my favorite ways to spread joy, everyone likes a great hug.  Don’t make it a lousy one, give a good squeeze, they’ll remember you.
  2. Smile because it’s contagious.
  3. Compliment their hair, eyes, shoes, personality, or pick out a trait that you genuinely like and tell them about it.
  4. Help with anything.  Do you have a skill or resource that’s helpful to others?  Well then share it.  Use it every once in a while to build stronger friendships.  For me, I like to show my love through cooking meals.
  5. Bake, because everyone loves a sweet or tasty treat.  For the people in your life that prefer less sugar, find a good “Keto” recipe on Pinterest of their favorite goody.  Or put some Nutella on a slice of bread, literally Spread Love!
  6. Listen.  This should be a common practice in life.  We all know how good it feels to be heard, whether we understand it or not.  When you genuinely listen to someone as they share something personal, we are showing them that we love/care for them.
  7. Distract from the hardships of life.  Tell a funny story.  If you don’t have a funny story, use a movie reference.  My “go-to” is Ace Ventura.
  8. Offer to pay for a meal.  Take your friend to a lunch and pick up the tab.
  9. Be vulnerable.  Share something sensitive.  By doing this, you’re building trust and a bond that will give someone a glimpse into who you are.  This will make someone feel special to know something about you that others might not.  This might be the chance they need to share their thoughts more openly.  We all feel better to getting things off our chests.