#TuesdayThoughts – Summer Time Elder Care


1.  “Summer Time Elder Care – Put on another hat and make your own adventures.”

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Silliness is our childish spirit telling us we need more opportunity for expression.  Now is the time to be silly, to laugh, to tell jokes and make friends.  Balance your life by throwing out seriousness for an afternoon in a new hat.


2.  “Summer Time Elder Care – Thinking may lead to greater life experiences.”

Love Right™

As we’re planning activities this summer for the ones we care for, consider those that lead to challenging thought.  Chess, trivia, Scrabble, etc.  These activities are known to enhance cognition and well-being.


3.  “Summer Time Elder Care – A photo is permanent proof of your loving moments.”

Love Right™

Sweet summer moments are all around.  When you’re spending them with the elderly ones you love, take those selfies.  They’ll want to be remembered long after they’ve gone, so keep snapping shots while you have time.


4.  “Summer Time Elder Care – Plan for everything and prepare for success.”

Love Right™

Thoughtfulness can make your summer smooth as frozen yogurt.  Plan, prepare, pack and get out to play.  Have a bag at the ready with sunscreen, water, sunglasses, movie tickets, beach blanket, chairs, first aid kit, a change of clothes and a smile.

The Take-Away

Thoughtfulness and summer time go together when caring for an elderly loved one.  We promote stimulation for brain health, preparedness for safety and ease-of-stress, selfies to remind our loved one who we are and of the fun we’ve had and silliness to lift the spirit.  These activities combined will ensure you’ll have a beautiful summer experience to talk about through the fall and winter months.

If you’re a family caregiver and you’re needing more assistance with summer time care, ask for support from family first.  If family lives too far or works too often, call us to schedule a No Obligation CAREConsult™ with a Love RightCare Service Representative.  We can help!

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