Happy Labor Day 2018

Labor Day is a day recognized by our country to celebrate what American Workers have accomplished for our society.  We’ve seen incredible advancements in our nation for a long time, and a lot is thanks to the workers that pour their blood, sweat and tears into work.  We thank everyone for playing their important roll and hitting the grind from day to day.

Today we also recognize the CAREGIVER work force.  A work force of compassion and Love.  We may be a bit bias here, but we see this profession (or as we like to say “Calling”) as one of the hardest and most taxing jobs there are.  Late nights in the ER, introducing themselves as a new person every day they arrive to their client of 5 years, waking to the slightest noise to ensure their client hasn’t fallen from bed, the countless transfers in/out of bed, in/out of the car, soiled

clothes and sheets, numerous bed baths, redirecting dementia provoked rage, physical resistance, rapid health decline, measuring vitals, all the 911 calls, seeing their job to their clients’ last breathe, and much more.

Happy Labor Day Caregivers


To those that work tirelessly to make aging less difficult, Yours is a labor of love.

Endless thanks and celebration to you.  The difference makers, the healers, the best of the best, the Heart of society, our many thanks will never express our gratitude as the human race.