When we think of June, we often think of the holiday, Father’s Day. This is a time when we want to signify a thank you to our dad for all he has done for us, with something special. But how do we do this for a Father's Day - Father and Sonsenior? We wrack our brains trying to come up with an idea. We want to avoid another tie or gift he will never use?  You are right in thinking he may already have everything, but trying to make it more personal can help.

Father’s Day Gift tips:

  1. If he happens to live near you, treat him to a ticket to a show, a sports event, the theater and try to attend together.  These gifts are always a way to build memories and be present in the moment.
  2. Take him fishing (maybe he used to do with you, reminiscing old times is thoughtful and a better quality gift than material things).
  3. Perhaps he used to enjoy gardening but can no longer handle it himself. Purchase a small herb planter.  Something he can tend to without having to bend down into a precarious position.
  4. My dad used to love to read but has difficulty now.  Large print books, magazines or puzzles.  Great ideas for visual impairments, with a desire to keep busy.
  5. Does he live alone and has trouble getting out? Treat him to a maid service, a car detail, someone to mow his lawn or even a caregiver to take him on his personal errands.
  6. Making his life just a little easier may be what he needs but doesn’t know how to ask for it. I recently purchased a large display alarm clock so I can view it from across the room.
  7. A magnifying glass with a light to help read can be a huge assistance especially in those dimly lit restaurant corners.
  8. Comfortable clothing.  He might spend more time at home and this can can go along way. A sweater, a throw, comfortable slippers or a gift card so he can pick out what he needs.
  9. Perhaps someone who can help him do his taxes next year so he doesn’t dread having to do them himself would be helpful.
  10. Edible gifts usually work. There are many food delivery options these days and gift baskets available if you can’t take him out yourself or personally prepare his favorite treat or meal.

Whatever you decide, he will know it came from the heart.