Hafiz was a Persian poet in the 14th century in Iran.  He wrote about Joy and Love.

It’s no mystery that our brand is synonymous with Love, compassion, joy and the expression of it all.  You can say our vision aligns with that of a 14th century poet, because we surely Love to Love.  It takes devotion and courage to be a caregiver, as most selfless acts do.

We give the ‘Givers of Care‘ so much credit for what they do.  Some of the people I’ve met in my journey’s as a caregiver and as the operator of Love Right Home Care Referral Agency, are angels among us.   Especially lately with all of the negative news in this world, caregivers are that glowing sign of something positive.  It reminds me daily to give selflessly, Love endlessly and let it flow in the direction of love.

Learn more about the journey that brought us here.  Let us share our experience of Love and Caregiving with you.